The Division of Science, Energy, Education, Innovation, Innovation and Astronomy (Decyti) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile met our Institute.

During a visit to our facilities at the Universidad Andrés Bello, we shared with the delegation our projections within the framework of international cooperation between the SAPHIR Millennium Institute and CERN, among other topics.

The visit was led by the Institute's board of directors.. Our director Sergey Kuleshov, researcher and academic of the Faculty of Exact Sciences UNAB, received the head of the division Hellmut Lagos.received the head of the division Hellmut Lagos.

On the other hand, SAPHIR's Director of International Relations, Jack Brady, spoke about the challenges and projections for the current period.

Also participating from DECYTI were its deputy director, Patricio Cabezas, and the person in charge of Science and Technology, Gabriela Pérez.Gabriela Pérez.

Review the note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here.