We believe that not only technology, but also science and scientific thinking are fundamental to build a better society. We believe that science contributes not only to economic development, but also to the development of human potential, to a better understanding of the universe in which we live and to a critical approach to the problems we face on a daily basis. We also believe that scientific development is enhanced through collaboration between diverse scientific teams of different nationalities, so it is essential to promote cooperation networks at national and global level.


Our institute aims to bring together all research efforts in subatomic physics connected to CERN to enhance the Atlas experiment and all other experiments and projects associated with the Large Hadron Collider. Supporting and guiding the training of the next generations of researchers in particle physics is part of our goal, providing them with tools, knowledge and contacts that will allow them to expand the frontiers of physics knowledge. In addition, we are constantly seeking to foster the development of new and revolutionary technologies that will benefit from the discoveries in particle physics. And, last but not least, we seek to bring scientific knowledge closer to society and communities, showing the work, knowledge and changes that particle physics has provoked and is provoking in daily life.