Atomic Girls 2024: successful activity that promotes science among young Chilean women

21 girls from different regions of the country participated in the third version of the workshop

What is Atomic Girls?

Atomic Girls is an initiative of the SAPHIR Millennium Institute that seeks to prepare high school students for the first years of undergraduate studies and to stimulate their interest in science. The workshop consists of assembling, testing and analyzing data from a detector of muons, subatomic particles from space.

The Atomic Girls application process has begun!

We have already kicked off the third version of the Atomic Girls program, an initiative designed to empower girls and spark their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


Fran, Founder of the Atomic Girls at Rock and Pop 

Francisca Garay, who together with Giovanna Cottin founded the Atomic Girls Program, talked about science and Atomics in the program "Un País Generoso", we share her interview with you.

The 2022 tutors invite you to participate in the workshop! 

The Niñas Atómicas tutors tell us what activities will be done in the workshop and what motivates them to work on the project. Click on the link to watch the video!

Mentors begin their training

Five physics, astronomy and astrophysics students have already started training to become Atomic Girls tutors. In the workshop, they will teach high school students how to detect muons in their homes and schools.