Saphir Regular Webinar: August 4th 2023. The Gravity of Particles Physics.

Speaker: Cliff Burguess 


Saphir regular webinar: May , 2023. Masses, oscillations and nature of neutrinos. Speaker Fedor Simkovic.


Saphir regular webinar 2nd june. Superconducting Single Photon Detectors: from quantum networks to dark matter. Speaker Cristián  Peña 


“Chasing  Neutrons Throughout Chile” by Francisco Molina from CCHEN, November 4th 2022.


“Physics with Reactor Neutrinos: Current Status and Prospects” by the Professor Pedro Ochoa from the University of California, November 9th 2022.


Teresa Marrodan Undagoitia,  Senior Staff Scientis of the Max Plank Institute talks about “Unraveling the secrets of the Universe with Xenon”. October 7th 2022.

 “Neutrinos and the landscape of new physics” lectured by the Professor
Jose Valle from University of Valencia & CSIC. October 7th 2022.

Abner Soffer, professor at Tel Aviv University, was the speaker of the webinar “Searching for long-lived particles at LHC and B factories” held on July 1st 2022.

Professor Giorgio Arcadi (Università degli Studi di Messina) talks about theoretical benchmarks for Beyond the Standard Model searches at the webinar held on June 10th 2022.

Alexander Belyaev, professor at University of Southampton, was the speaker of the seminar “Towards the consistent Dark Matter exploration”, held on April 1st 2022.

Mikhail Kirsanov, researcher at the Institute for Nuclear Research (Russian Academy of Sciences) is the speaker for the December SAPHIR seminar, the last one of 2021. The title of the seminar is “Recent results and plans of the NA64 experiment at the CERN SPS”.

Marjorie Shapiro, experimental particle physicist and Professor at University of California, Berkeley, is the speaker of Novembre 5th 2021 SAPHIR Regular Webinar. The title of the seminar is “Constraining beyond the Standard Model Physics using Standard Model measurements at the LHC”.

Martin Hirsch, professor at the Instituto de Física Corpuscular (Universidad de Valencia) was the speaker of the first SAPHIR Regular Webinar held on October 1st 2021. The title of the seminar is “Neutrinos and long-lived particles”.